What Actually Goes Into A Lean Startup!


Now we have already seen how a Lean startup is actually different from a start up. So what the exquisite things those get into a lean start up to make it so special for not only the new companies but also huge ones like Intuit and GE. An extensive pick of ideas all at the scratch level will be essential. Now if you are planning for a start up in six months you must already have worked out a million ideas must have handpicked the ideal ones and should be in a position to short list them based on what would work and what would not.

Now here is the trap, you must always think from the customer’s perspective. Always think about how important it would be for the customer and how difficult it would be if your idea goes undeveloped. If you feel it is one utmost important thing then just go straight ahead. If not, stop at the point and go back to your second best.

Next would be the execution part which carries its own importance. Now here you need absolute focus and concentration. Just have a timeline and strictly stick to it. Now when a problem or a bug arises, just trouble shoot and proceed with the problem solving without wasting much time. And also try and concentrate on selling the actual product rather than selling it with extra goodies or added services. Now the smartness lies in actually selling the end product to the customer after understanding what exactly his or her requirement is! When you find out there is even a minor difference just try and revamp the idea trying to build what the customer actually wants.

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