Lean Startup Principle: Build- Measure-Learn

Build-measure-learn are running in loops

The fifth and foremost important principle of the Lean startup methodology is the Build-measure-learn all in a loop, which means the steps, keep running in iteration. For every process, it involves building – developing ideas and designs in to building a concrete product. This also includes the various stage of production and also the planning the goes into the production of the product. This is the build phase where the actual product is being developed.
Once the product is built, developed, it is released anticipating a positive feedback from the customer. Now this curve is a bit technical as it also has to cover the difference between the expected outcome and the actual outcome. The second step is to measure the customer satisfaction which in other words means to ensure if the production team has actually understood what the customer wants.

The third step is the learning curve. In this stage the team should actually learn from both the positive and negative outcomes and keep applying as feedback to the build stage. The positive things have to be carried on as before in the build process, the negative aspects need to be overcome and worked on and this has to be implemented in the build process as well. Thus ensuring Build-measure-learn are running in loops every other time.

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