How different is a lean Startup from an actual startup!!

actual startup

Every entrepreneur who is looking forward to start something fresh will have so many ideas bubbling all over his head which he would have bottled thinking of pulling one after the other when required. This gathering of ideas is one of the most important parts as brain storming and finally settling for the best one will automatically take us a step closer to success. Now when you are all geared up with ideas and plans and are in the verge of telling people that you are planning for a start up. The natural reaction that is expected out of them is sincere happiness and you do get it for your ideas.

So under similar circumstances, what will be the reaction if you are informing people that it is going to be a lean start up instead of a normal one? No! They are not happy, no motivation or encouragement from their side and the response is not that kind. Now this happens because a lot of people out there do not actually understand a Lean start up and they are not aware of its advantages over the normal one. In most cases, people have the misconception that Lean means a business which is not started with enough financial back up.

Now the real difference between a start up and lean start up is that the latter is very cheap. When in a lean start up you don’t have to look for investors in the first place, you could just sit and think about ideas and plan for your build phase. Also this is faster, as you already have had the time to filter ideas and now will be working on the ones which would result in a yield. It yields results straight away, and you know the direction in which you are travelling and nothing comes as surprise here.

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